Currently teaching at Concordia University (design and computation arts) and Université de Montréal (industrial design) as a part-time teacher.

Présentement chargé de cours à l’Université Concordia (design and computation arts) et L’Université de Montréal ( design industriel).

Course : Design Process and the Materiality of Objects – DART 291

Project : Construction toy… Paying Tribute to a Designer or Architect

Students were asked to design a new construction kit for children and/or adults. The concept had to reflect the selected designer’s body of work.

The emphasis was put on using reclaimed or recycled materials. No glue or adhesives were allowed for the assembly in the construction

(Design For Disassembly principle)

Paper folding workshop (École de Design – UQAM) and sketchbook viewing (Design and Computation Arts – Concordia).

Drawing class at Université de Montréal; nude sketching sessions.